Yes, we weave!
Our specialties are custom woven labels, clothing labels with logo, woven badges, paper hang tags as well as woven ribbons for marking and identification of all types of textiles, clothing accessories and footwear.

woven labels and ribbons For the past 34 years of our activity, we have been gaining experience in the production of woven labels; we have recognized perfectly the needs of the clothing industry and have met our clients' expectations by offering high quality products and maintaining competitive prices.
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Our clients include the producers of elegant formal as well as casual clothing, children's and youth clothing, footwear as well as manufacturers of advertising products such as logobands, etc.

Our products have won a very good opinion on Polish and foreign markets. They have become an indispensable accessory and a decorative element for such brand labels as: Monnari, Wojas, Pabia, Nord or Clinic.
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Our company is a plant operating in the haberdashery industry since 1989. We operate solely on modern machinery from the Swiss Jakob Mueller AG, German Horst Kind and Italian Willy and Cartes companies.
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Why choose EPUS?

We have combined 34 years of experience with an innovative outlook on the client's needs.

Free samples
Before fulfilling a production order, we propose to produce a sample batch, which does not obligate you to place an order with our company.

Short terms
As a rule we guarantee short deadlines for the orders (up to 10 working days).

We offer the possibility of obtaining a broad range of discounts, even up to 22%!

We give a quality guarantee for our services, as precision and reliability of production are our main mottos.

Production facilities
Modern machines guarantee the fulfilling of even the most untypical and unusual orders.

Smooth edges
Even the most demanding clients will be satisfied with the high quality of woven labels which we cut using ultrasounds. Harder edges created when cutting using the traditional methods were replaced by soft and elastic smooth edges that do not scratch the skin of a user and do not cause fabric pilling.

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