EPUS Woven Labels offers services in the field of haberdashery production including custom woven labels, clothing labels with logo, woven badges as well as woven ribbons in the jacquard technique, according to a customized design, with an aim to mark and to identify brand of all kinds of textiles, clothing accessories and footwear.
woven label pocket (on a button or RFID chip)


on a button or RFID chip

For sewing into the product seam.

Popular applications:
  • for a spare button
  • to hide the RFID chip
Typical places:
  • edge of a bedding, towels, ets.
  • discrete place inside the product
Specific features:
  • graphics possible on both sides
Available options:
  • free cut with ultrasounds (all delicate edges)
Oeko-Tex Standard 100All jacquard products are made of the highest quality German and Italian polyester yarns, meeting the requirements of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The raw materials used and the stabilization process guarantee the invariability of labels' appearance despite repeated washing.


pocket (on a button or RFID chip)

Weaving techniques

Woven labels and ribbons can be designed and made in various techniques adapted to the tastes and requirements of customers. They are divided into groups.

label-technique satin, reverse satin or taffeta

Traditional look and a low price. Woven labels in these techniques work well for designs, which do not contain small details and inscriptions with tiny letters.
label-technique high definition

Typical applications. These techniques allow for a precise mapping of graphics with the logo, as well as offer the possibility to obtain inscriptions with tiny letters on the label.
label-technique high definition with the highest density

Demanding designs. The techniques allow for a precise mapping of any graphics with the logo, containing small details and letters and give the impression of an extremely high quality of the label's fabric.
Within each group it is possible to adjust the softness of the label's fabric and the gloss of its background according to the needs of a particular application.

Ecological solutions

Ecological solutions
Softness of cotton
Thanks to cotton yarn, it is possible to provide woven labels with unique softness and enrich them with features of naturality characteristic to ecological products. Labels made of natural-colored cotton threads blend in perfectly with ecological products in terms of outlook or softness to the touch, and at the same time, thanks to a solid jacquard warp, they have durability and ravel proof equal to modern woven labels.

Long vitality
We make every effort to ensure that our products are vitally durable because we want them to serve to our customers as long as possible, as well as the products on which they are sewn-on.

Additional features

Smooth edges
Cutting with the use of ultrasounds ensures high smoothness and softness of the labels' edges, unattainable while using traditional thermal cut. The process is used free of charge, at the customer's request.

Double stabilization
All jacquard products are subject to the process of double thermal stabilization, which guarantees the invariability of their appearance despite repeated washing. The process is used by default.

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Book cover, leaflet and asymmetrical end foldBook cover, leaflet and asymmetrical end fold
Three new finishing styles create new possibilities of placing labels on an end product. more

New finishing stylesNew finishing styles
We offer new finishing styles of our woven labels: asymmetrical end fold, one-sided fold, longitudinal center fold, with thermal tape, longitudinal center fold in ribbon.

Refining processesRefining processes
Owing to a variety of refining processes, we are able to meet all customer’s needs.

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