We are a thriving plant of the haberdashery industry, located in Lodz, Poland.
The EPUS company was established in June 1989 by Mr Maciej Pustelnik and still today produces ribbons and woven labels with significant successes.

Since the very beginning, our distinctive characteristics have been perseverance and pursuit of perfection in creating highest quality products.

We cooperate only with professionals. Our staff includes experienced master weavers, sales representatives, sales personnel and IT professionals. Their jobs are guided by one goal: The Customer's Satisfaction; because it is their satisfaction which is the guarantee of the company's success and allows for optimism when looking into the future.

Production facilities

The production of ribbons and labels has begun at the turn of the eighties and nineties with the use of second-hand Dutch and French machinery. The initial quick development of the market was connected with the increase of expectations of the clients regarding quality. While striving to meet the expectations of our customers, the company made investments into modern production machinery. Our work today is aided by machines from renowned companies: Swiss Jakob Mueller AG, German Horst Kind and Italian Willy and Cartes.

The production on these machines always means precision performance, reliability, ease and flexibility of setup, which allows for faithful graphical reproductions on labels and high quality of the final product. The outcome of it is the manufacture of world's top quality labels.

Taking into account the uniqueness of light industry and the problems connected therewith, we can state that our company has successfully found itself on the free market. A proof of this are our respected clients: see the woven labels gallery

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