If you have a specific design for a label in the form of a computer file and wish to find out the precise price of the production of given batch of your labels, please go to request a quote page and you will receive a price and quantity offer.

Sample prices of our labels
The price of each woven label is calculated individually and depends on many factors, that include:

  • label dimensions
  • weaving technique
  • number of used colours
  • finishing type
  • label quantity in the order
Finishing type end fold center fold straight cut
Label dimensions 20x80mm + 15mm 28x45mm + 20mm 33x60mm
Weaving technique luxurious modern traditional
Number of colours (incl. background) 2 3 2
Net price per piece from 0.079 EUR from 0.046 EUR from 0.034 EUR
Minimum order from 1000 pcs from 1000 pcs from 1000 pcs
Startup costs
These are one-time costs charged only with small orders. They include the cost of processing the supplied design into machine format, usable with computer looms. They amount to approx. 15 EUR and depend on label design's complexity.

Discounts and bonuses
The last few years have brought an elaborate system of discounts and bonuses, adjusted to the orders our customers make. They include: startup cost exemption, free delivery, discounts for cash payment and a progressive system of discounts depending on order's value.

Minimum order
Minimum quantity of an order is 500 pieces to 1000 pieces. Optimal quantity depends on the width of the label and ranges from 500 pieces (with a width of 10cm) to 5000 pieces (with a width of 1cm).
We are of course able to perform as small an order as required, but the price per piece will be higher.

Manufacturing deadline
As a rule we fulfill orders within 10 working days, but depending on our production capacity it is possible to complete an order in a shorter period.

If you wish to receive a package containing sample labels produced by our company, please send us an e-mail from the appropriate page send an e-mail

* All prices displayed on this site are net prices

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