EPUS Woven Labels offers services in the field of haberdashery production including custom woven labels, clothing labels with logo, woven badges as well as woven ribbons in the jacquard technique, according to a customized design, with an aim to mark and to identify brand of all kinds of textiles, clothing accessories and footwear.

Types of woven labels

Free of charge thermal stabilization process is used twice and there is the possibility of using ultrasounds to improve the softness of the cut edges. It is also possible to starch in case of necessity of stiffening the ribbons above the standard due to the technical properties of the fabric itself.

Product prices

The price of each label is calculated individually and depends on the following factors:

  • label dimensions
  • weaving technique
  • number of used colours
  • finishing type
  • label quantity in the order
The final price is settled once the graphic design has been approved. This usually takes place at the stage of preparing a free sample. If the customer has his own label design, it is possible to estimate its price with great precision already at the stage of initial inquiry.

For more information on the cost of orders, please go to pricing of the products
If you already have a specific graphic design in the form of a file on your computer and want to know the exact cost of producing a certain number of your woven labels, please go to request a quote page and you will receive a price and quantity offer.

Order quantity

The minimum order quantity depends on the width of the label.

Economically reasonable quantities are from 500 pieces (at a width of 10 cm) to 5000 pieces (at a width of 1 cm). It is possible to carry out any small order, but then you have to expect higher unit prices.

The maximum production capacity depends on many factors. In the default period of 10 working days, the company undertakes orders for the production of typical labels in the amount of hundreds of thousands of pieces.

Order completion time

As a rule we fulfill orders within 10 working days, but depending on our production capacity it is possible to complete an order in a shorter period.

The approximate order completion time can be determined on the day the production of the order starts.

Order and delivery

EPUS Woven Labels offers the possibility of fully remote execution of the ordering and order execution process.

Offer materials and product samples are sent by post to interested entities. After preliminary findings the design preview is sent via email for approval. Free samples of woven labels of the customer's design are sent by post or courier for evaluation. Payments are settled with a money transfer on the basis of pro forma invoices, regular customers have the possibility of using other payment methods. Goods shipments are carried out with the support of the professional courier companies delivering shipments throughout Europe.

Customers interested in personal contact with the company's office are welcome to the headquarters in the centre of Łódź, both in the matters of orders and receipt of goods. For details please go to contact information

If you are interested in an above-mentioned offer and wish to find out details adjusted to your needs, please contact us via website send an e-mail


Book cover, leaflet and asymmetrical end foldBook cover, leaflet and asymmetrical end fold
Three new finishing styles create new possibilities of placing labels on an end product. more

New finishing stylesNew finishing styles
We offer new finishing styles of our woven labels: asymmetrical end fold, one-sided fold, longitudinal center fold, with thermal tape, longitudinal center fold in ribbon.

Refining processesRefining processes
Owing to a variety of refining processes, we are able to meet all customer’s needs.

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