The EPUS company offers a wide variety of paper labels, also known as "hang tags"
due to the way of applying them on the final product.

Paper hang tags with interesting content attract the attention of a potential customer, and together with woven labels effectively expose the product's brand and fulfill the informational function.
paper hang tags

Types of hang tags

The offer includes paper hang tags in the offset and digital printing techniques on offset papers, chalk, eco recycled cardboard and other raw materials.

Printing technique
The offset printing technique allows both reproduction of expressive colours using dedicated pigments chosen from the Pantone's wide range of colours, as well as obtaining tonal transitions (eg. photography) using the CMYK raster. There is also the possibility of using fluorescent colours.

In the case of small quantities of paper labels, the digital printing technique gains the upper hand. Modern digital printing is of similar quality to traditional printing techniques and at the same time allows the use of the same additional effects. Often it is also possible to obtain a more favorable completion date.

Paper hang tags can be printed on one or both sides.

Shapes and dimensions
Custom shape of a paper hang-tag can be achieved with a specific punch.

The offer also includes standard shapes and dimensions:

  • a rectangle with straight corners
    of any size (die cut hang tag)
  • a rectangle with rounded corners
    with the dimensions and shape of one of the standard punches available in our offer
  • a circle or an oval
    with the dimensions and shape of one of the standard punches available in our offer
Each of the punches, including the standard ones, can have a freely placed hole for attaching the tag to the final product. The typical diameter of the hole we use is 4 mm.
If you want to know the standard shapes of punches, download the file standard label punches

Raw materials for printing
The offer includes a wide range of raw materials for printing, including, among others, these most preferably used by customers:

  • standard papers
  • eco recycled cardboard papers
  • dyed paper labels
  • semi-transparent tracing paper
  • self-adhesive papers

If you are interested in receiving a parcel containing examples of paper hang tags offered by our company, please go to hang tagssend an e-mail

Additional effects

Transparent foil
Foiling is a variation of polygraphic lamination. This technique consists in covering the entire surface of the paper hang tag with a transparent foil. Thank to this, the printed surface acquires additional aesthetic qualities, becomes stiffened and protected against external factors. This type of finishing occurs in matt and glossy. The surface of one or both sides of the tag can be foiled.

Soft Touch foil
Thanks to covering the paper hang tag with a soft touch foil, the velvet effect is achieved. The ready tag will have a matt, slightly satin surface, which feels like a peach skin.

UV spot varnish
This technique consists in covering selected areas of the paper hang tag with a transparent UV varnish. It is most often used on tags covered with matt foil or soft touch foil. By applying a glossy varnish, the effect of additional exposure of selected graphic elements is obtained.

Raised spot UV
This technique consists in covering selected areas of the hang tag with raised spot UV. It is most often used on paper hang tags covered with matt foil or soft touch foil. Compared to UV spot varnish, tags with selectively coated elements with raised spot UV are both polished and slightly convex, which allows to distinguish selected elements of graphics even more.

Metallic foil
Metallic foil applied on a hang tag by means of hot stamping is a way to achieve most often a silver or gold coverage of selected graphic elements.

Paper hang tags can be subjected to the crease process to obtain on a hang tag imprinted grooves to facilitate folding the label along the specific axis.

Paper hang tags can be subjected to a perforation process to obtain micro-cuts that facilitate ripping off of a part of the tag along the specific line.

If you have a specific design of a hang tag in the form of a computer file and wish to find out the precise price of the production of given batch, please go to hang tagsrequest a quote page and you will receive a price and quantity offer.


Book cover, leaflet and asymmetrical end foldBook cover, leaflet and asymmetrical end fold
Three new finishing styles create new possibilities of placing labels on an end product. more

New finishing stylesNew finishing styles
We offer new finishing styles of our woven labels: asymmetrical end fold, one-sided fold, longitudinal center fold, with thermal tape, longitudinal center fold in ribbon.

Refining processesRefining processes
Owing to a variety of refining processes, we are able to meet all customer’s needs.

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